Melt Units & Parts

Frequently Asked Questions

My hot melt unit won't turn on?

If your hotmelt unit won't turn on, make sure that all electrical cords are connected and the power switch is on. If unit is still not getting any power, please call Astro Packaging at 800-642-7876 for help

What kind of glue should I put through my machine?

Every application will require a special glue to fit each operation. Contact Astro Packaging to speak with one of our adhesvie specialists to make sure you get the right adhesive for your application.

How do I change the display from C° to F° on my Nordson DuraBlue and Nordson ProBlue glue machine?

To change your Nordson DuraBlue or ProBlue hot melt units standard display from degrees celcius to degrees farenheight, follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Find your parameters buttons on the front control of Nordson melt unit
  • Step 2: Press the parameter button and go to parameter 20
  • Step 3: Display should show degree in celcius, press either the up or down arrow to change to degrees farenheight
  • Step 4: Press the parameter button to exit