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Nordson® is the largest OEM of hot melt adhesive equipment in the world. As a previously authorized Nordson® distributor, Astro Packaging has years of experience servicing and supporting the complete line of Nordson® equipment. We carry Nordson® melt units, automatic applcators, hand held applicators, Nordson® hoses, modules, circuit boards, Nordson® pumps, timers and controllers, and much more.

Astro Packaging sells and refurbishes many of the most popular hot melt units out in the market today. Nordson® hot melt units that we carry are the Nordson® ProBlue® Series, Nordson® DuraBlue® Series, Nordson® 2300 and 3000 Series, and the Nordson® Roman Numeral Series. We offer service and support on Nordson® AltaBlue® Series and many others as well.

We also stock and offer hundreds of accessories for Nordson® melt units including Nordson® applicators, modules, pumps, hoses, circuit boards and more. Choose from all of the Nordson® accessories to find what you want. Choose from the Nordson® H200 appliactor, H20 module, Nordson H400 automatic applicator; or the newer Nordson® SureBead®, SolidBlue®, or ClassicBlue® automatic applicator. We even sell individual modules; Nordson® H200 module, H20 module, H400 module, or the newer Nordson® SureBead® module, SolidBlue® module, and ClassicBlue® module.

Asto Packaging carries a variety of heated hoses to go with all your Nordson® hot melt equipment. We have Nordson® hoses for the ProBlue® Series melt unit, DuraBlue® Series melt unit, 2300 and 3000 Series melt unit, and the Roman Numeral Series melt unit. Our hoses are also compatible to larger Nordson® Bulk Melters and Drum Unloaders. All Nordson® hoses come with an option for outer layer; we have braided hoses, corrugated hoses, water wash and wash down hoses, high flex and high pressure hoses.

Nordson Hot Melt Equipment

Nordson® Hot Melt Adhesive Equipment

Call Astro Packaging today for best quality of Nordson® hot melt equipment and the most affordable pricing. Our purchasing power allows us to pass along savings to the customer resulting in the best price for all your Nordson® hot melt adhesive equipment.

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