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Slautterback® Equipment Still Supported by Astro Packaging

Astro Packaging provides support and replacement parts for almost all Slautterback® adhesive and fluid dispensing equipment. Shop our full line of all-electric parts and equipment for Slautterback® melters, hoses, guns, modules and more! All manufactured in the United States by Astro Packaging!

Slautterback Hot Melt Equipment

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With several enhancements to the Slautterback® design, Astro Packaging continues to manufacture a complete line of all-electric melt units and spare parts compatible with Slautterback® equipment. We are the only company in the U.S. that can offer replacements parts and technical support that Slautterback® customers came to appreciate and deserve. Astro Packaging has a large distribution network throughout the U.S. to help support the Astro Packaging brand of equipment.

Depending on your application, the all-electric technology can simplify your operation while saving money and minimizing lost down time. The simple how and why of the Astro Packaging all electric hot melt applicator system:

  • 1. All-electric pump and valves (no compressed air)
  • 2. Far fewer seals
  • 3. Minimized Nozzle Plugging
  • 4. Centralized Wiring and Controls
  • 5. Unique Melt Tank Design
  • 6. Positive Displacement Gear Pump.
  • 7. Sealed Electric Drive Motor
  • 8. Cool Touch Hoses

Astro Packaging continues to employ technicians that were factory trained by both the Slautterback and Nordson Corporations and can help our customers with any technical issues they may have.

We have a proven track record for quality and service at competitive prices. We realize that in today’s competitive marketplace our customers are faced with many choices and just want to let you know that we are here to help you and your company succeed.

Call Astro Packaging with any hot melt equipment questions you may have at 1-800-642-7876.