Melt Units & Parts

Nozzle Plugging & Inconsistent Bead Placement?

Hot melt nozzles are the last piece of equipment adhesive contacts when dispensing to production lines. Because of this, hot melt nozzles can have a big impact on the performance of your glue patterns. Astro Packaging manufacturing standards provide the highest tolerances to guarantee consistent bead placement and performance for customer applications. Inferior nozzles can cause many production issues such as higher adhesive usage, plugged nozzles, and incorrect bead placement.

Estimating Hot Melt Coverage

There are many factors that are important when buying hot melt besides what’s in the formulas. Astro Packaging understands how hard it can be to determine the cost and coverage of hot melt. We want to guide you and make your life just a little easier by showing you some simple equations for finding your hot melt coverage and cost.

Hot Melt Adhesive VS Tape

There has been a long debate between packaging application categories of tape and hot melt adhesives. The debate still continues and both products offer benefits over the other, but depending on application, hot melt adhesives are usually the best option for most customers.

Increase the Lifetime of your Hot Melt Equipment with Preventative Maintenance

Interested in preventative maintenance or need equipment service? Look no more!

Our factory trained technicians have OVER 80 YEARS of combined diagnostic & repair experience. Protect your investment, maximize productivity, and minimize downtime...

Our service plans make it easy to assure consistent operation of your dispense units and meet your production goals.
We can help you achieve top system performance with priority service that meets your specification. your maintenance staff can focus on other critical areas of your operation. And, you will have the peace of mind knowing that your adhesive systems will operate correctly in the months and years to come.

Benefits of Using Low Temperature Hot Melt: Case and Carton

So what are the benefits of using low temperature hot melt?

Improved Stability: The reduction in application temperature provides a substantial decrease in the thermal degradation of the adhesive.  This will provide greater consistency from the adhesive, both in application characteristics and adhesive performance.

Reduced Downtime: Hot Melts tend to char over time at elevated temperatures resulting in plugged nozzles.  Productivity is lost when production lines have to be shut down to replace or repair these nozzles.  The low temp adhesive, due to its lower application temperature and improved stability, will reduce the amount of char generated in an adhesive application system and improve efficiencies.

Reduced Maintenance Cost: Hot melt application equipment can be expensive to maintain.  A temperature reduction of approximately 100°F will reduce