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ADS-1 Auto Feeder

Astro SKU: ADS-1-NDSN3500P
Manufacturer: ITW Dynatec®
Auto Feeder with Nordson® 3500P Lid Assembly
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The ADS1 will easily integrate with competitive equipment configurations. Out of the box installation with drop-in adhesive tank connection.

The ADS1 DynaFill™ automatically replenishes adhesive to the desired level in hot melt equipment. A low level indicator sends a signal to the DynaFill™ that adhesive is needed. The DynaFill™ then activates a positive pressure suction that draws the adhesive and deposits it into the hot melt unit.

  • Automatic "On-Demand" filling of the hot melt unit
  • Removes an operator from the hot melt supply unit area
  • Nozzle plugging and system contamination is virtually eliminated
  • Less thermal shock to the hot melt system


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Hot Melt Unit-1 3000 Series