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Applicator, E100XT, Auto-Electric

Astro SKU: E100XT
Manufacturer: Astro Packaging
The E100XT is an all electric adhesive dispensing head that provides a variety of adhesive patterns.
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  • e1005


The E100XT is an all electric adhesive dispensing head. As the central valving components of Slautterback hot melt systems, the E100XT head dispenses beads or dots of hot melt adhesive or other thermoplastic materials. A large selection of nozzles provides a variety of adhesive patterns.

>The applicator head design is simple, reliable and durable. Requiring no compressed air or a complex valving system, the E100XT consists of one simple valve, one static o-ring, one electric solenoid, one or two heaters, a thermostat or RTD sensor and a power cable. A pattern controller signals the solenoid to activate the valve and dispense adhesive.

  • All electric operation
  • Only one moving part in the adhesive valve
  • Stainless steel, corrosion resistant valve components
  • No compressed air - eliminates air valves, air lines, filters, regulators and condensation problems
  • Precise temperature control with RTD sensor or preset bimetallic thermostat
  • Speeds up to 6,000 cycles a minute
  • Valving assembly choices include standard, high speed, high flow and continuous duty
  • Prewired for easy connection to a Slautterback HC Heated Hose


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Gun Style E100 & E100XT
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