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BF MicroBead™ Applicator

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Manufacturer: ITW Dynatec®
ITW BF MicroBead Auto Adhesive Applicator
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The BF MicroBead™ applicator is available with single-port or dual-port pivoting modules, providing flexibility for set-up and reduction of the number of applicators required. It’s smaller, more compact design simplifies installation and maintenance while rapid cycle speeds make it an ideal choice for high-speed applications. Its air open/air close design provides accurate and uniform adhesive patterns and bead placement while the built-in filter helps maintain a clean nozzle orifice.

  • Integrated needle and self-cleaning nozzle virtually eliminate adhesive stringing. (Micro Optima module)
  • Dual-port pivoting modules simplify set-up by providing simple adjustment of bead placement.
  • Adjustable needle stroke sets adhesive flow for extreme accuracy. (Micro Adjustable module)
  • On/Off cycle speeds of 3.5 milliseconds is ideal for high-speed applications.
  • Cover increases safety and promotes energy efficiency.
  • Industry exclusive built-in filter captures debris and minimizes nozzle clogging.

  • Compact size provides for easy installation into packaging machinery.
  • Insulated thermoplastic cover increases safety by reducing operator exposure to hot surfaces.
  • Enhanced built-in filter captures debris and reduces downtime due to clogged nozzles.
  • Water resistant standard.

The BF MicroBead applicator module is designed to operate as an air open/air close system that does not rely on a spring to close the orifice during operation. The result is both cleaner cutoffs and superior operation over a longer operating lifespan. While this feature may be optional on competitive modules, only the BF MicroBead adhesive applicator offers this feature standard.


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