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LP Mod-Plus Marathon (Low Profile)™ - Bead Adhesive Applicator

Astro SKU: Mod-Plus Marathon
Manufacturer: ITW Dynatec®
ITW Mod-Plus Low Profile Marathon
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  • BF-ModPlus-LP-Marathon


The LP MOD-PLUS MARATHON™ is an air-operated adhesive applicator with an in-line filter cartridge to prevent particulate matter from obstructing adhesive flow through the nozzle orifice. Its tapered body allows for uninterrupted flow of cases, making it ideal for case erecting and case sealing applications. The LP Marathon’s™ screw-on nozzle seat also allows for fast and easy nozzle change.

  • Standard in-line filter prevents nozzle clogging.
  • Platinum sensors provide optimum temperature control.
  • Standard air open/air close module for accurate bead placement.
  • Low-Profile design ideal for case erecting and case sealing applications.
  • Rotating right angle nozzles can be positioned for optimum pattern placement.


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