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Applicator, ReliaMini, Single Module, Auto-Pneumatic

Astro SKU: P51B895
Manufacturer: Astro Packaging
Ref Nordson®: 8517895
Direct Replacement for Nordson® MiniBlue II Applicator
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Astro Packaging ReliaMini applicators are designed for industrial applications that require precisely controlled beads of hot melt material to be dispensed onto a moving substrate. These MiniBlue style applicators are designed to be mounted, air-actuated, and triggered by a controlled solenoid valve. ReliaMini applicators can be used with Nordson®, Slautterback®, ITW Dynatec®, Graco® and Astro Packaging hot melt machines.

Astro Packaging MiniBlue® style automatic guns apply hot melt adhesives to a product, providing uniform bead depostion and improved cutoff when used with aggressive or hard-to-dispense adhesives. Their air-open, air-closed dispensiging modules allow high cycle speeds and their compact size allows them to fit between the flaps of most cartons.

MiniBlue II applicators are available in a slim, 18mm single-module design without plastic cover (34 mm with plastic cover), and in a variety of configurable designs, including single-module and multi-module configurations.

MiniBlue II applicators are manufactured according to the design choices made at the time of order placement. Call Astro Packaging for more informsation, 800-642-7876.

A MiniBlue II applicator may have 1-8 modules. Air is supplied constantly to a module through a solenoid valve. Whenthe apploicator is not being triggered, air will flow through the module's air-clise port to keep the module needle on its seat. When triggered, the solenoid valve will direct air into the air-open port, lifting the needle from its seat to dispense the adhesive.


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Modules-1 1 Module
Gun Style MiniBlue® Style
Application Pneumatic
Module Style Standard