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Hose Boom & Balancer (Cart Optional)

Astro SKU: 99786
Manufacturer: Astro Packaging
Hose Boom and Balancer Assembly Includes the Boom Shaft, Balancer, and Hammock.
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Astro Packaging has carts assembled with a boom and balancer to make your application process simple and flexible.

The cart with boom and balancer helps you move your melt units anywhere so that your operation doesn't skip a beat!

This easy to use added equipment gives the operator complete control of the application process.

The cart is perfect for small melt units and gives the operator flexibility to move the unit to the best location  for applying adhesive.  The boom and balancer eliminates heavy lifting of guns and hoses to allow the user to easily apply glue with a top-down glue stream.

Cart Product SKU: DSC2436
Boom and Balancer SKU: 99786

Call us today to order!  800-642-7876

Best for small hot melt units under 100lbs. including Nordson® ProBlue 4 or ProBlue 7, ITW Dynapack, and Astro Packaging SS10, D215, and LS10

*melt unit not included
**cart with boom and balancer sold separately


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