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Melt Unit, Butyl Brute, 120V, 60HZ

Astro SKU: 75087-120
Manufacturer: Astro Packaging
The Butyl Brute system is designed for hot melt "slabs" or "chunks." This extremely reliable hot melt unit holds 20 pounds and will pump 180 inches of 1 /2 inch bead per minute. The cylindrical tank design virtually eliminates any possibility of char build up, and is easily filled or cleaned.
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The Astro Packaging Butyl Brute is a rugged hotmelt applicator system developed specifically to melt and pump high viscosity butyl rubber based sealants. The system is designed for applications involving the assembly of sealed insulating glass units. The Butyl Brute temperature control is simple to program, versatile and compatible with other manufacturer’s hoses and applicators.

The melt unit features a 15 lb (6.8 kg) capacity tank. The cylindrical design accepts briquette form butyl sealants, which are converted to fluid state and pumped by an electric motor-driven gear pump through a (HANDGUN) handgun/hose assembly. A rotating chain and scraper in the tank propels the molten butyl sealant to the pump inlet port. A high performance 1/6 hp motor and flow control valve provide a wide range of output control.

  • All-electric systems available for 115 or 230 V
  • Pumps high viscosity materilas up to 500,000 centipoise
  • No compressed air required, elimination complexitites of air operation
  • Reliable, smooth-ouput positive displacement V4 gear pump
  • Pump warm-up thermostat protects pump and motor during start-up

  • Tank gun/hose temperatures independently controlled.
  • Over-temperature protection if tank thermostat falils
  • Pump output easily adjusts by turning external knob on flow control valve
  • Rugged sheet metal enclosure
  • Switched handgun assembly decreases pump/motor wear and increases service life/li>


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