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Graco InvisiPac Gen 3

Astro SKU: InvisiPac HM25C
Manufacturer: Graco®
InvisiPac Tank-Free Hot Melt Delivery System - The Most Reliable, Most Profitable Hot Melt System
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The Graco® InvisiPac - Tank Free Hot Melt System

Start realizing the benefits of Tank-Free technology faster with the newly designed InvisiPac HM25c. The compact size easily integrates into your existing packaging lines, improving your productivity and profitability by redefining reliability. Visit for more information

  • Guaranteed Material Savings: InvisiPac maintains melted adhesive at a consistent temperature and viscosity. By avoiding fluctuations, the adhesive dispense remains constant and material savings increase
  • Eliminate Downtime: Only the needed glue is heated, eliminating burned or charred material that clogs nozzles and leads to unplanned, time consuming tank scraping product maintenance
  • Quick Start Up Time: The innovative tank-free melting chamber creates a larger surface area that melts glue quickly and up to set temperature in approximately 10-minutes.
  • Improved Operator Safety: InvisiPac’s tank-free design eliminates costly burn hazards and keeps your employees safe
  • Real Time Feedback: Receive alerts when your material usage is out of desired range and performance notifications on your lines, anywhere, anytime and with the ability to leverage data as a powerful business tool to cut additional costs.
  • Parts Last Longer: Less plastic and built to last.10+ years pump lifetime,5+ years hose lifetime,500 million+ gun life cycle.


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