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ITW Dyna Drum DM55

Astro SKU: DM55
Manufacturer: ITW Dynatec®
The DM55 DynaDrum™ Bulk Adhesive Melter
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DynaDrum DU55.jpgDynaDrum DU55.jpg
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The DM55 DynaDrum™ Bulk Adhesive Melter is a stationary drum unloader that provides uninterrupted flow of hot melt adhesive for high volume production demands. Daily operations are simplified with the DM55 DynaDrum’s standard features which include field-interchangeable platen faces, a touch screen PLC, self-diagnostics, and low/empty drum indicators. The unloader can be utilized as a bulk-transfer unit or as a stand-alone ASU (Adhesive Supply Unit). It can supply on or two hand-held applicators or other applicators.

  • Available in gear or piston pump configurations for varying applications.
  • 35kW wattage provides excellent melt-rates and start-up times.
  • Platen faces are available for various reactive and non-reactive adhesives, including PUR.
  • Unique platen design provides excellent platen force, melt rates and adhesive transfer.
  • Adjustable clamshell mechanism effectively secures fiber or steel drums.
  • Accommodates a wide range of adhesive viscosities.
  • User-friendly touch-screen simplifies operation.
  • Two-button start for operator safety.
  • Multiple platen seals for increased protection.


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