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ITW Dynamelt PUR Series

Astro SKU: Dynamelt PUR Series
Manufacturer: ITW Dynatec®
PUR Bag Melter - PUR Bag melter
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Dynamelt PUR Series.jpgDynamelt PUR Series.jpg
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The Dynamelt PUR Series bag melter is designed to meet the unique needs for the melting and delivery of PUR hot melt adhesives.

The DynaMelt PUR provides gentle melting of reactive adhesives in either 2Kg or 20Kg metalized Mylar bags. Escape of harmful gases into the atmosphere and intrusion of moisture into the adhesive is prevented via a patented, air-tight sealing ring at the bottom of the feed tube. The self-sealing design allows the unit to be de-energized and left unattended for several days with no need to purge the PUR from the system, provided the exposed application orifices are properly sealed.

  • The PUR hotmelt does not require unpacking, it is simply melted out of its bag packaging.
  • Gear pumps can accommodate a wide variety of adhesive viscosities.
  • Clean operation with virtually no adhesive residue waste.


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