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The Slautterback Legacy Lives On!

Shop for Slautterback Style Equipment

If you’ve heard that Slautterback® machines are no longer being manufactured and that nothing is being made to support the machines currently in working order, you’ve heard incorrectly. Here at Astro Packaging, we are happy to tell you that we do, in fact, support Slautterback hot melt machines. Actually, we do far more than just support the current Slautterbacks out there. We also manufacture machines that are identical to the old and trustworthy Slautterbacks, and we can provide you with parts, maintenance, and more when it comes to these trusted machines.

It is true that Slautterback is not a company anymore, as they were bought out by Nordson. However, we have been granted access to their manufacturing systems and processes, and we are proud to continue manufacturing machines that are the exact same as the old Slautterback brand.

Here at Astro Packaging, we strive to offer our customers quality products, excellent prices, and unbeatable customer service. We have two fully stocked warehouses with one of the largest inventories in the industry. We also employ a factory-trained support staff to provide you with complete knowledge of the industry and our products and services. We sell some of the largest brands in the industry and offer support of those brands as well, and we are excited to give you access to machines that are just like the Slautterbacks—time-tested and proven to be some of the greatest available on the market.

So if you’re looking for spare parts for one of your Slautterback hot melt machines, or if you need maintenance support, or even if you’re looking for a new machine with the trusted Slautterback design, look no further than Astro Packaging. Maybe you’ve been in the industry for years and know how trustworthy and well-known the Slautterback name is. If that’s the case, and you were disappointed at the news of the company being bought out, you don’t have to worry anymore. Astro Packaging is not just a distributor anymore—we manufacture our own Astro product line, and those products are identical to those that were made by Slautterback. Some of our machine names are similar to the old ones, and we have access to all the parts and maintenance you need to support your old Slautterback or your new Astro machines.

Astro Packaging has been around the industry for more than 40 years, and we are a current leader in the adhesive dispensing industry. We look forward to providing you with products, maintenance, and support for our new line of Astro machines or any other brand you desire. Contact us today to let us know how we can help you.