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1 Orifice .012 Dia. .075L Eng. Guarded Button Nozzle

Astro SKU: APNN7303
Manufacturer: Astro Packaging
Ref Nordson®: 65006-312
Compatible on Astro Packaging and Slautterback E100 & E100XT and M100 Automatic Applicators
Rating: Not Rated Yet
  • h20-single-orifice-guarded-nozzle


Not all hot melt nozzles are the same, strict quality control and precise manufacturing standards make Astro Packaging’s precision nozzles a product you can trust!

Adhesive bond strength depends on consistent bead size and bead placement. Astro Packaging’s nozzles provide exceptional control of adhesive placement and bead width to maximize performance and product quality. Pattern consistency and accuracy improves control and eliminates wasteful adhesive usage. A bead that is too small or misplaced will ruin the bonding of two substrates, while a bead too large will cause poor cutoff and waste adhesive material. Astro Packaging’s Precision Nozzles are designed to increase durability and cut-off control giving you controlled flow for consistent bead size and proper bead placement.

Are you using your adhesive efficiently? How much is going to waste?

Astro Packaging precision nozzles provide reliable and consistent performance time and time again!

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Applicator/Gun E100;E100XT;M100
Style Guarded Button
Orifice 1 Orifice
Engagement .075L Eng.